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Ruger GP 100

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Brand   Ruger

Category   Handguns

Capacity   5

Gun Type   Revolver

Action   Double Action

Ruger GP100 For Sale Online

Ruger GP100 for sale although not the oldest firearms company in the United States, Sturm, Ruger & Co. nonetheless enjoys a reputation for high-quality firearms. The company, more commonly known simply as Ruger, makes a wide array of firearms including single-shot rifles, semi-automatic pistols, and shotguns, though their revolvers are of particular note.

One of Ruger’s revolvers that is worth taking a closer look at? The Ruger GP100. Ruger GP100 for sale made its debut with the company in the mid-1980s as a newer and updated addition to Ruger’s revolver lineup. The GP100 is a sturdy, robust revolver, most of which are made of brushed satin or blued stainless steel.

While most of Ruger’s GP100 are chambered in the venerable .357 Magnum cartridge, there are several revolver variants in the GP100 lineup chambered in .44 Special as well as 10mm Auto, allowing for some diversity in terms of chambering. While most of the GP100 lineup features fluted cylinders, there are also several standard, unfluted cylinder options available.

Ruger GP100 for sale revolvers chambered in .357 Magnum also offer shooters some ammunition flexibility, as they can also fire .38 Special P+ cartridges which are slightly shorter than the .357 Magnum and produce less recoil — ideal for new shooters, those who want cheaper ammunition, or plinking enthusiasts.

Buy Ruger GP100 Online | Ruger GP100 For Sale

On the other side of the power spectrum, Ruger also offers a GP100 chambered in .22 Long Rifle. Despite the rather diminutive chambering, the GP100’s cylinder is large — and can accommodate a full ten .22 Long Rifle cartridges, compared to the 6 or 7 cartridges most other revolvers are equipped for.

There are quite a few barrel lengths available in the buy Ruger GP100 online lineup as well, from snub-nosed 2.5-inch short revolvers, with several other barrel lengths available including 3, 4.2, 5, 5.5 and up to large 6-inch variants. A number of different grips are also available from the company, including wooden, synthetic, and cushioned rubber with hardwood inserts.

In addition to the standard Ruger GP100 for sale lineup that Ruger offers, the company also offers several different revolvers under the GP100 Match Champion designation that feature several improvements or optimizations for better accuracy. The Ruger website explains that “polished and optimized internals,” as well as a “centering boss on the trigger, and centering shims on the hammer produce a smooth double-action trigger pull and a crisp and consistent let-off,” and overall more accurate platform.

When considering Ruger’s very diverse GP100 lineup, there are few offerings from other firearms companies that offer the same level of options as well as quality. Regardless of what you could want in a .357 Magnum revolver, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for in the GP100.


Range Report: Ruger GP100

Ruger GP100 revolver right profile wood grips

The buying public is voting for revolvers and buying them in great numbers. Fueling the new trend, Ruger offers a seven-shot version of its popular GP100. Ruger offers longer barrel versions, but the 2.5-inch version is, in the author’s opinion, among the finest combat revolvers ever manufactured. There are many who appreciate tradition, and others, who simply trust revolvers. There are many good points considering revolvers.

Ruger GP100 revolver right profile wood grips
The author found the 2.5-inch barrel version of the GP100 a great shooter.

While modern self-loading handguns are as reliable as a machine can be, the revolver is more likely to fire after long-term storage while loaded. You may leave the revolver at home, ready, and it will come up shooting. The revolver may also be placed against an adversary’s body and fired. On the other hand, a self-loader may jam after the first shot in this scenario.

This type of shooting has saved many lives, including those confronted by animal attack. The revolver is accurate and powerful in its best versions making it well suited to outdoors use. Ruger’s latest revolver is a seven-shot version of the GP100 in .357 Magnum caliber. This is an exciting handgun. It is accurate, well-balanced, and fast handling.

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