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Category   Handguns

Weight   15 oz

Action   Double Action

Caliber   9x19mm Parabellum

Capacity   10+1

Finish   Black

Gun Type   Pistol

Sights   3 Dot


The SCCY CPX3 for sale is a very popular hand gun. The SCCY CPX-3 is a double-action .380 pistol featuring a 3-dot sight system, an aircraft-grade aluminum receiver, and 310-round magazines. Specifications: Weight: 15.0oz # of Mags: 3 Overall Length: 5.7 Additional Info: Includes Trigger Guard Lock

Sccy has been around for quite a few years and has a reputation for building compact 9mm pistols that are very affordable. This year, Sccy ramped up full production on their new .380ACP CPX-3 pistol. It’s now available for sale in a gun shop near you and can be found for under $200 in some cases.

Buy Sccy CPX3 online is very similar to the 9mm CPX-1 and CPX-2, only smaller. At 4.9 inches long, it’s slightly shorter than the other two pistols.  It also has a shorter 2.96 inch barrel. While the CPX-3 retains the same width, height, and weight as its 9mm cousins, it somehow feels a bit smaller than the other two guns.

Buy SCCY CPX3 Online | SCCY CPX3 For Sale

Sccy’s CPX-3 ships in a cardboard box with an instruction manual, a certificate for Sccy’s excellent lifetime warranty (more on that later), a gun lock with two keys, and three 10-round magazines. Two of the magazines have a flat baseplate on them for more discreet carry in a pocket, while the third has a small extension that’s perfect to rest your little finger on as you shoot.

Due to its double-stack magazine, the CPX-3’s grip is a little thicker and more comfortable to hold than the other guns in this test. However, because it’s a .380, the grip is a little shorter back to front than other double-stack pistols in 9mm (or larger) calibers. All the controls on the sccy CPX3 for sale are placed right where I expect them to be. Aside from pulling its long, heavy trigger, the gun is very comfortable to shoot for extended periods of time. 

Like other pistols in this test, buy Sccy CPX3 online is a double-action only pistol.  This means that each pull of the trigger cocks the hammer to fire the gun and then releases the hammer to drop on the primer at the base of the cartridge.  That’s what makes the gun go “BANG!”

Did I mention the CPX-3’s trigger is long and heavy? Good, because it is. It has at least an inch of travel from reset until it trips the sear. And, according to my trigger pull scale, it took an average of 10.1 pounds of effort. This is quite a lot of effort to pull a trigger, putting it right up there with the amount of effort needed to pull back the hammer and rotate the cylinder on a double action revolver. That 10.1 pound trigger (with over an inch of travel) takes a good deal of effort to use. It might be a little too much for older gun owners or people of smaller stature.

That’s the bad news. The good news is the other functions on the Sccy CPX3 for sale are quite easy to perform. I measured the amount of effort needed to pull back the CPX-3’s slide using a scale that measures the draw weight of a bow. On average, it only took 11.5 pounds of effort to rack the slide on this gun.  That’s one of the best results in this test. Other nice ergonomic features include a slide release that is easy to operate and finger grooves that were actually in the right place (a rarity in my experience).

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