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SIG Sauer P938



Brand   SIG Sauer

Category   Handguns

Action   Single Action

Caliber   9x19mm Parabellum

Gun Type   Semi-Automatic Pistol

Barrel Length   3″

Capacity   6

Buy SIG Sauer P938 For Sale

SIG Sauer P938 for sale has a ballistic advantage with the 9mm cartridge over the SIG SAUER P238 Best Seller. SIG P938 has a SAO (single-action-only trigger) and SIGLITE Night Sights, which makes the handling much like their larger pistols, But with the advantage of being more than less than half the weight and size of the larger pistols. Buy SIG 938 is not much bigger than the SIG P238 Counter Part, it is only about a 1/2 inch longer and the grip about 1/8 wider. Buy SIG Sauer P938 online single-action trigger is short clean and crisp which aids in its accuracy. Basically it is a miniature 1911, all the controls are in the same locations making it a easy transition if your are use to carrying 1911 pistol. our shop Carries a Large inventory of Sig Sauer P938 for sale Pistols in Stock at all times, Feel Free to Call us at 832-363-3783 on all you Sig Sauer Pistol and Handgun Needs. You can also chat with us during regular chat hours Online.

Buy Sig Sauer P938 Online | SIG Sauer P938 For Sale

SIG Sauer P938 for sale Nitron is an extremely reliable and concealable semi-auto pistol that offers the ballistic advantage of the battle-proven 9mm cartridge. The P938 Nitron features a black, hard-coat anodized alloy frame, and a Nitron™ coated stainless steel slide. Sig P938 pistols are modeled on a 1911-style, single action design, with an ambidextrous thumb safety. The hammer recesses into the beavertail section of the frame to protect it when carrying the weapon on safe, and to avoid hammer-bite while firing. The pistol operates with a locked-breech, short recoil action (instead of blowback) that locks the action closed. Slide serrations enhance the shooter’s ability to pull the slide back for loading and clearing the action. Sig Sauer P938 for sale Nitron Semi-Auto Pistol comes with SIGLITE® night sights, dovetail to the slide, for rapid sight acquisition in any light, including total darkness. The compact P938 can be carried comfortably all-day—everyday, keeping it within reach for situations that call for rapid deployment of well-placed shots.

  • Reliable and concealable
  • Shoots the 9mm cartridge
  • Nitron coated stainless steel slide
  • Anodized alloy frame
  • Single action design
  • Thumb safety
  • Slide serrations
  • SIGLITE night sights


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