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Taurus G2C


Original price was: $252.00.Current price is: $242.00.

Brand   Taurus

Category   Handguns

Weight   22 oz

Length   6.30″

Action   Double Action Only

Caliber   9x19mm Parabellum

Capacity   12+1

Finish   Black

Gun Type   Pistol

Sights   3-Dot Adjustable Rear

Barrel Length   3.2″

Taurus G2C For Sale – At The Best Affordable Price Online

The Taurus G2C for sale and At Affordable price Online was purpose built for the concealed carry market, with every feature designed for comfort, concealability, and reliability. Buy Taurus G2c online at the best affordable price online.

It is a single action (with restrike capability) semi auto, chambered in 9mm, with standard features including an integral accessory rail, adjustable rear sights, a loaded chamber indicator, a trigger safety, and a 12-round capacity.

Taurus g2c for sale. The overall layout is streamlined and ergonomic, perfect for everyday carry.. Item # 1-G2C931-12 UPC 7-25327-61603-0 Frame Size Compact Capacity 12 rds Action Type SA wRestrike Caliber 9MM LUGER Height 5.10 Width 1.20 Weight 22.00 oz. Barrel Length 3.20 Overall Length 6.30 Front Sight Fixed Rear Sight Adjustable Safety Striker Block Manual Safety Trigger Safety Loaded Chamber Indicator

Buy Guns Online – Taurus G2C For Sale – Buy Taurus G2C Online

Taurus G2c for sale and buy guns online is an extremely popular model for budget shooters. Chambered in 9mm and designed in a light weight polymer frame, there are countless Americans that carry one of these every day.

12 round magazines and light weight make them extremely popular with just about any shooter out there. It’s hard to find a handgun in this price range that matches in reliability, comfort, and style. There’s nothing cheap about the way these pistols fire, and we highly recommend them.

The Taurus G2C For Sale is a Millennium 12-round handgun. It ships with 10 round magazines in more restrictive states, but the gun itself is in a weird size category similar to the Smith and Wesson M&PC with the 3.5-inch barrel that was originally introduced.

Now Smith and Wesson also have a similar version in their 2.0 series, the Millennium G2C is sized between something like a Glock 26 and a Glock 19.

Even CZ is getting into the game with the CZ P10S.

The magazines themselves are fairly affordable at around the $25 per piece price point and have a nice yellow follower that’s very easy to see. They feature a blued finish, and they drop free from the gun incredibly well.

You can actually turn the gun parallel then tip it up slightly, and the empty magazines will still shoot out of the gun.

 Buy Guns Online Texturing

Now the texturing on the G2C is good.

It has a stippled texturing that is an almost artistic, non-geometric shape around the grip. It grips your hand in all the right places except for the area where the palm of your support hand fits on the gun.

At that point, there is no texturing and it’s extremely slick.

There’s a little groove in that area that makes it easier for you to press the magazine release, relieving some of the material there.

But it looks like a natural place where a new shooter might put their thumb. That can cause some issues that we’ll cover later on.


Buy Guns Online – Taurus G2C For Sale

Buy Guns Online and Taurus G2C For Sale has standard three-dot style plastic sights. That’s a major downside in this gun because, given the price point of it, most aftermarket sights are usually around $100.

And there aren’t really any competitive options that I’m aware of for adding aftermarket sights to this gun.

So if you buy a $200-$250 gun, you don’t want to have to spend another $100 upgrading the sights. But the sights that come standard on it are, frankly, at the very bottom tier of what I would hope.

The sight picture is not great. I was hoping this Taurus G2c Review would be talking about good sights but it doesn’t.

The rear is adjustable for both windage and elevation, which seems kind of crazy for me on a gun like this.

I would much rather have basic steel sights on it that promise to work well when you need them.

In theory, somebody could have this gun milled for a red dot.

Although the cost of milling it would probably exceed the cost of the gun itself. Additionally, the gun features a loaded chamber indicator that would create a hazard when trying to mill the gun for an optic.



Now when you start talking about the controls of the gun themselves, you first have the thumb safety. The thumb safety is available solely on the left side of the gun.

So, it’s only set up for a right-handed shooter. It’s positioned similarly to where a 1911 safety would be on the frame of the gun.

You press it down to disengage it.


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