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Walther CCP M2

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Walther CCP M2 Specs
  • Action Type: Double-Action, Striker-Fired.
  • Caliber: 9mm.
  • Capacity: 8+1.
  • Barrel Length: 3.54 inches.
  • Weight: 20 ounces.
  • Overall Length: 6.41 inches.
  • Overall Height: 5.12 inches.


Walther CCP M2 for sale is EASY TO RACK. TOOL-LESS TAKEDOWN. REDUCED RECOIL. The Ball-new Walther CCP M2 + models will now have a precision-machined slide that increases durability and reliability. Also, this precision-machined slide will have a new sight cut which will allow for the installation of any Glock 19/17 series sights. Making this a much easier experience for shooters to purchase their preferred iron sight and allowing the dealer to easily have on-hand the choices without adding more SKUs to their assortment of aftermarket iron sights.

Maximum efficiency. Minimal effort. Walther CCP M2 for sale An achievement born from an unabating commitment to excellence. All in the most comfortable and accessible firearm offered in the market today.

The CCP M2 handgun series represents the next step in the pursuit of perfection at Walther. Before the CCP, the only available easy to rack handgun was the .380 ACP. Once again pushing beyond the boundaries of expectations to meet this demand, Walther released the extraordinary CCP M2 9mm pistol.

The CCP – or Concealed Carry Pistol – is the first polymer pistol with Soft-coil gas technology. This technology improves the user’s experience by reducing overall felt recoil and allowing the slide to be easily manipulated regardless of hand strength. The CCP is also the most ergonomic and comfortable handgun in Walther’s dynamic concealed carry lineup.

Tool-less takedown and a fixed barrel allow for easy cleaning and maintenance, making this one of the most accessible pistols available today. With additional popular features such as an external safety, front, and rear slide serrations, and a reversible magazine release, the CCP M2 handgun is sure to become a valuable addition to your everyday carry.

One visible difference is in the striker channel. The original CCP had a stainless, well, something in the channel. It was visible, sure, but the M2 update has a shiny-red indicator that leaves no question as to the status of the striker. If the CCP M2 is cocked, the indicator is visible; if not, there’s a dark void.
380 ACP caliber
This 380 ACP caliber firearm boasts a Concealed Carry Pistol (CCP) frame and a stainless steel slide with front and rear slide serrations. The construction is complemented with a fixed barrel, Softcoil gas technology and manual and auto safety features.
Walther CCP
Place of origin Germany
Production history
Manufacturer Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen
Produced 2014–present

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Product evolution[edit]

The Walther CCP M2 For sale was introduced in March 2014. It is available chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum.

In September 2018 Walther CCP M2 For Sale Online introduced the updated CCP M2 onto the market. Its most significant upgrade was a take-down lever that eased the field stripping, which was often cited as original M1 design’s biggest shortcoming.

Circa January 2019, Walther introduced the CCP M2 380, a variant with .380 ACP a caliber option. The CCP M2 380 became available to markets in January 2020.

Design details[edit]

Disassembled Walther CCP M2

The Walther CCP M2 for sale online  is operated by a gas-delayed blowback system, using gas pressure from the ignited cartridge by directing it through a small port in the barrel in front of the chamber to slow down and delay the rearward motion of the slide. This design is nearly identical to the design of the Heckler & Koch P7. Walther calls this system Softcoil. Unlike the Walther P99 or Walther PPQ, the CCP has a slim manual thumb safety. There is an additional internal safety that acts as a firing pin block. The ergonomic grip is a shorter version of the PPQ’s grip.

The capacity of the magazine is 8 rounds. The CCP has an overall length of 6.41 inches (163 mm) , its width is 1.18 inches (30 mm) and its height is 5.1 inches (130 mm). The length of the barrel is 3.54 inches (90 mm). Considering the CCP’s size, the 5.5-pound-force (24 N) trigger pull and the 0.27-inch (6.9 mm) trigger travel are relatively high. Field stripping of the original CCP design (M1), required a special disassembly tool, while the revised CCP/M2 features a takedown lever for tool-less disassembly.

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    Perfect machine for self defence… when trigger…it speaks for it self.

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