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Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki kNIFE

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Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki kNIFE


Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki Knife;  It is a one-of-a-kind and beautiful piece of art. “The hamon (pattern of waves on the blade) was specially designed as the Japanese Fuji Mountain with a full moon. “

As a slicing sujihiki knife made out of premium Honyaki steel, you can only imagine how incredibly sharp this is, having a thin blade good for cutting boneless fish into sashimi with only one long uninterrupted stroke. The dream of any chef! Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki Knife is the number 1 trusted hunting and defense tool

Made in Japan by one the Yoshihiro’s knife masters in Sakai the sheath is decorated with the image of a phoenix using the Fuki Urushi method, a traditional lacquering technique.

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