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Glock 26

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Glock 26 for Sale Online

The Glock 26 for sale is one of the best handguns you can ever think of buying. it is durable, affordable and worth the price.

Glock 26 buy online In the world of concealed carry, the size and weight of your firearm are going to make a big difference in how comfortable you are keeping a firearm on your person all day. The smaller and lighter the gun, the better. It is why firearms like the slim and light Glock 26 have proven to be so popular for every day carry (EDC).

This polymer, subcompact, semi-automatic handgun is also extremely popular with gun owners because it offers a better magazine capacity in 9x19mm than many other small firearms like a snub nose revolver. It foes this without increasing the dimensions of the gun too significantly.

Today we will cover some of the Internet’s most burning questions about this subcompact pistol and who should buy one and why. This is everything to know about the Glock 26 for sale.

Glock 26 for Sale – Buy Glock 26 Online

Before we go any further, let us break down some of the specs on this handgun, because these are important facts to know when considering a concealed carry pistol. The Glock 26 for sale weighs approximately 25 ounces with a loaded magazine. This makes it about five ounces lighter than another popular 9mm Luger gun, Buy Glock 19 online today.

The overall size of this firearm is much smaller and that shows with a barrel length of 3.43 inches and a slide length of 6.26 inches. This Glock pistol does have a super-slim profile thanks to the 1.26-inch slide and one-inch overall width. Buy Glock G26 online at the best price extremely comfortable for inside the waistband (IWB) carry while still offering excellent accessibility to the shooter should he or she need it.

We should mention that the newer Glock 26 Gen 5 model does weigh about one ounce more with a loaded magazine, and the slide is slightly wider. However, the specs are, for the most part, the same. You can expect the same Glock Marksman barrel, trigger guard, and the same type of trigger pull from a Gen 5 model. One big difference between the two models is that Glock put finger grooves on the Gen 4 models and removed them for the Gen 5s. It may require holding each one in your hands at the gun shop to determine which you like better because everyone is going to have a different opinion on this aspect. Glock did keep the same grip texture across both models. Another big difference is that the Gen 5 models have a more beveled edge at the front of the slide and an extra set of serrations to make racking the slide easier.

The biggest thing to be aware of with either version is the height. Both generations are 4.17 inches high, which gives this firearm a much shorter grip than something like the G19. The reason this is important is because some shooters may find the gun harder to grip and control. For many shooters, it takes some getting used to when your pinky fingers are not wrapped around the bottom of the grip. For this reason, shooters with smaller hands and women may find this firearm more comfortable than others.

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