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Hornady Subsonic Pistol Ammunition – 25 Rounds



Subsonic loads for 9mm commonly use 9.5 grams (147 gr) bullets at velocities of 300 metres per second (980 ft/s). For these ammunition loads, balancing bullet weight and velocity are required to ensure that the ammunition will still reliably cycle semi-automatic firearms.

What pistol ammo is subsonic?

For handguns, your two biggest, and most common contenders are the . 45 ACP which is already subsonic, and the 9mm. Although your bargain box of 9mm ammunition is typically 115 grain and supersonic, 147 grain loads are becoming much more common, and those will hush down as quiet as anything.



Head out on your next hunt with the Hornady Subsonic Pistol Ammunition. Built-in XTP® technology provides increased accuracy and stopping power, while the Flex Tip® insert ensures reliable expansion. The unique powders create a low flash signature.
Features and Benefits
  • 40 S&W: 20-round box
  • XTP® technology affords increased accuracy and stopping power
  • 9mm-Luger: 25-round box
  • 45 ACP: 20-round box
  • Unique powders create a low flash signature
  • Flex Tip® insert ensures reliable expansion


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