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ISSC Omni Semi-Automatic Rimfire Pistol



The ISSC Omni is an Austrian made .22LR pistol that’s perfect for training and plinking at the range. The single action trigger makes the pistol easy to handle and is designed with target shooting in mind. The recoil-operated blow back system along with the aluminum slide ensures proper cycling with all types of .22LR ammunition without having to use expensive high velocity ammo. Includes a scope mounting plate to allow you to mount a red dot sight in seconds. Training instructors will appreciate the safety features such as a manual safety with decocking function, trigger safety, magazine safety and firing pin safety.
Barrel Length: 4-1/2″ (11.43 cm)
Weight: 1.33 lb. (0.60 kg)
Capacity: 10 Round magazine
Calibre: .22LR



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